Stories and Storytelling



They last from five minutes to an hour. Among the major pieces are:

Tristan and Iseult (medieval romance - young adult)

Wayland the Smith (ancient Saxon tale of revenge)
Hereward of the Fens (11th century history/legend)

Heloise and Abelard (12th century history/legend - adult)

The Scandal of Frank Spooner (Bedfordshire local)
Murder in Flitwick Wood (Bedfordshire local)

A Lapful of Windfalls (Dramatised biography of Helen Waddell)
The Letters Home of Corporal Croft (unpublished letters from the Somme)

Giant With the Mane of Yellow Hair   (romance of the Yukon)

​There are stories for the seasons - winter tales, Halloween, Christmas - and folk tales from around the world, but the focus is on the northern European culture I feel most connected to. Anything from ten minutes to an hour.

​It's an ancient craft, but in this country the modern revival goes back only a few decades. I'm part of this revival and I contribute to its main aims - to respect and preserve the old stories, but recreate them for a modern audience. Tell some new stories too. Do this without elaborate sets, microphones, lighting etc.  No reading is just about our only absolute rule. There needs to be an element of improvisation - responding to the moment - if there is to be genuine connection between teller and listener. 

Walter Croft (1893 - 1916)
Walter Croft (1893 - 1916)