New Shows


That's How the Light Gets In

New piece for 2019. A true story of 17th century witch-hunts with an unlikely hero. Two sold-out performances at Bedfringe. ONE MORE PERFORMANCE THIS YEAR. FRIENDS MEETING HOUSE, BEDFORD, 18TH NOVEMBER, 2.30. NO TICKET, NO CHARGE, JUST PUT SOMETHING IN THE HAT. TEA AND CAKE IN THE INTERVAL.

Wayland the Smith

More than a year's work. This story maybe as much as 1,500 years old. Revenge, seduction and a little bit of magic. First performance, Bedfringe July 2018.

Heloise and Abelard

First performance of this heartbreaking and true story from the 12th century was in July 2015 for the Bedfringe Festival. Revised and extended in 2019. A love story that has survived in letters for 900 years. Heloise is the first woman of European history we can begin to know. A sell-out and well-received.

A Lapful of Windfalls

Episodes in the life of Helen Waddell.  It mixes biography, storytelling and a little poetry. Gets the most intense reaction of all my pieces.

The Letters Home of Walter Croft

In 2015 I was commissioned by the Fusilier Museum, London, to create a performance from the unpublished correspondence of Corporal Croft. This archive of  70 letters from the trenches has only recently been deciphered and transcribed. One young signaller openly tells his family about his steady physical and mental erosion. By the end, one  man is lifted clear of the great mass of the dead.  Plain language, suitable for most ages. Why not arrange a performance?

 Many thanks to the Fusilier Museum for permission to share Croft's letters with a wider audience.

Helen Waddell  (top left) (1889 - 1965) and the 'stars' of the school.
Helen Waddell (top left) (1889 - 1965) and the 'stars' of the school.