Cost, Commissions, Books



I'm flexible. I've general​ly found organizations to be fair and honest. Small clubs and large institutions have different budgets. In the last couple of years I have been paid between £45 and £120. 


Flitwick Wood for Bedfordshire County Council

Tristan and Iseult for Ely Cathedral

The Letters Home of Walter Croft for the Fusilier Museum, London

Talking Statues for



Most of my stories are created from the earliest sources rather than modern retellings. This has led to four small books where I combine an expanded telling with the fruits of my study - the origins, development and survival of the story. My wife, Liz Silk, is a professional artist and along with professional design and printing we have made a beautiful series. Sales have passed 800.


Murder in Flitwick Wood, 40 pages, £4 + stamp.

Hereward of the Fens, 48 pages, £5 + stamp.

Tristan and Iseult, 52 pages, £5 + stamp.

Wayland the Smith, 48 pages, £5 + stamp.

Wayland's grandfather and the mermaid.
Wayland's grandfather and the mermaid.